Addie Chapin


Addie Chapin

L’art de l’automobile

Nadine Blake captures the spirit of New Orleans in her street portraits of creole architecture and the auspiciously parked auto on walks to and from her shop on Rue Royal.

Mini Cooper S on St. Philip Street

French Quarter

Land Rover on St. Philip Street

French Quarter


Fiat on Governor Nicholls Street

French Quarter


Mini Cooper on Chartres Street

Faubourg Marigny


Toyota Land Cruiser on Chartres Street

Faubourg Marigny

Mercury Comet on Mandeville Street

Faubourg Marigny


I was originally planning to take only photographs of cars, but this graffiti caught my eye (across the street from the Mercury Comet). New Orleans is having a problem with graffiti and something inside of me wanted to document this one. Maybe it was the ‘FREE MONEY’ that caught my eye. Luckily the graffiti is getting a bit better in places and actually started a mural art movement.


Toyota 4 Runner SR5 on Chartres Street

Faubourg Marigny

Sometimes the colors coordinate and I’ll stop in my tracks— must photograph.


Studio Be on Royal Street

Bywater, New Orleans

“B MIKE” has been transforming abandoned, blighted buildings with his artwork— murals and powerful messages. Now he has his own studio, shown here, with a poem by Cleo Wade painted on the outside. It always makes me smile when I pass by.


“Today’s Mantra: Create” on Royal Street


I think this was condoned graffiti. The business has never had it removed and it’s message is perfect for the artistic Bywater neighborhood.

Oldsmobile F85 on Montegut Street


There were probably a lot of fun family excursions taken in this car!


“From Bristol to Bywater” on Royal Street


I’m not a fan of graffiti, but this is colorful and the owner of the building doesn’t have a problem with it, so everybody’s happy.


Fiat 500 on Montegut Street



Honda Civic LX on Desire Street



Ninth Ward mural on Bartholomew Street

The Upper Ninth Ward has had an emergence of young, hip, creative people move into a formerly old fashioned, blue-collar neighborhood. And these young people love Star Wars.


Toyota Diesel on France Street


Who is Nadine Blake?

I was born and raised in New Orleans, and have also lived in Los Angeles and New York City.  All three unique cities have influenced me artistically.  I currently have a lifestyle / gift shop in the French Quarter, and it is often on walks to and from my shop that I take photographs.  Living in New Orleans, there's always a photograph right around the corner.

Visit Nadine at her shop on the corner of Ursulines and Royal in the French Quarter.