Addie Chapin


Addie Chapin

Historically Speaking

A day in the life of Jacques Levet Jr., an awarded young architect living and working in the heart of Atlanta’s Midtown.


We live in a very urban part of Atlanta. View of a typical walk down the street— I can’t remember the last time I drove to a store or a restaurant.



This is our office (or should I say my second home?) I think our sign says it all.

Brasfield Square


Creativity is an organized chaos!

Historical Concepts Office


Our office, incorporated into a row of townhouses on the public square.

Brasfield Square


I love libraries…particularly finding a general section like architecture or furniture and just seeing what I find.

Emory Library Stacks

One of the many great neighborhoods in Atlanta. It is a little less urban than our neighborhood but extremely walkable. I particularly like the streets that are a little overgrown.

Inman Park


Inman Park

An ever-changing wall of art and community events

Krog Tunnel


Painting in the tunnel is encouraged. You find everything from event announcements, street art, political statements, all with a mix of cars, bikes, and pedestrians.

Krog Tunnel

The different house types in different neighborhoods can give a sense of place that may only belong to a few streets.



A great place to walk on a sunny afternoon. The history of the cemetery mixes with the popular restaurants nearby.

Oakland Cemetery


A great link to Atlanta’s past.

Ponce City Market


When I’m not at work, I spend a great deal of time here reading and researching.

Our apartment, Midtown


I’m a collector of things! Particularly books. But in the bookcase, I keep all sorts of things from cherished photos to souvenirs from travels.

Our apartment, Midtown


My home “office.” My favorite time to draft or paint is late at night when I can see all of the lights of the city.

Our apartment, Midtown


A watercolor I finally finished. A great way of relaxing for me is to do a little painting each night.

Our apartment, Midtown


A view facing east. You can see Ponce and Stone Mountain in the distance.

Our apartment, Midtown

ExC_00007 (1)-2.jpg

Another photo of Levet’s Midtown residence, captured digitally.

Jacques Levet, Jr., born and raised in Southeast Louisiana, started his professional career in Biomedical Engineering and Medicine.  After two years of medical school and becoming increasingly involved in the preservation community, Jacques pursued his passion of architecture at the University of Notre Dame where he specialized in Classical and Traditional Architecture.  Jacques, now working with Historical Concepts in Atlanta, has a particular interest in early American architecture and has received numerous awards and fellowships on the topic.  He continuous to devote his time to design projects that are rooted in history and place and is part of numerous organizations that promote the practice of classical architecture today.