Addie Chapin


Addie Chapin

In the Land of Laity

Austin artist Mia Carameros escapes to a treasured lodge in the heart of Texas Hill country for a creative respite.


September 3

The Lodge is a sacred place to many, especially to me. It sits on the banks of the Frio River deep in the Texas Hill Country. It was founded by Howard Butt Jr. in 1961 and has been welcoming artists, speakers, poets, musicians, and theologians ever since.

I’m planning on getting in around lunchtime and photographing and foraging until about 3 o’clock. Hoping to get a swim in, too.

IMG_6437 (2).jpg

September 4

Drive took forever. Windows down the entire time. 82 degrees.

Listened to Kacey Musgraves the entire way here. So basic but the writing is so good! “You can have your space, cowboy…”


September 4

Tiny bugs buzzing in my ears as I forage willow branches. The sun hits their leaves and they turn into silver.


September 5

The trees are staring at me. The only thing between us is the Frio River and this dining room table.


September 5

The trees remind me of California when I would go to camp in the summer in Palo Alto. Their branches look heavy yet they are feathery and light—like the 1950’s ostrich boa I almost bought at the Paris flea this past Christmas.


September 5

Swam in the rain. Read under this big deck while the rain came wailing down. It feels so good to be in this quiet, in this place. I am home.


Mia Carameros is a painter and designer from El Paso, Texas. She currently works and resides in Austin, Texas with her twelve year old chocolate lab Mabel Lane. Her work can be found at Wally Workman gallery in Austin. She also runs a small branding studio, Buddy. Find more of Mia’s work here: