Addie Chapin


Addie Chapin

Goombay Smash

Kate Roebuck escapes to the impossibly charming hideaway of Harbour Island, documenting the candy-colored landscape from the back of a golf cart.


This is Harbour Island. We arrived at the airport and somehow, two van rides, two boat rides, a goombay smash, and a golf cart excursion later, I am checking in at the OVC.


Side note: the photos were mostly taken from the back of a moving golf cart, and several of them have my big fat finger in the corner of the image.  Also, the photos don’t do the REAL colors any justice— which are like sunwashed candies.


We drove by this church on our golf cart 10 times a day at least, each time in total awe.  Maybe a holy institution will do that to you no matter what, or maybe not.  The little graveyard on the right was crumbly and overgrown, but still felt like a place of deep reverence.  I remember feeling like: yes, I would indeed like to end up here. 


1. I love these colors together & thats all I can say about that. 2. This is the office for a little shop called I felt like I could live in forever and ever amen. The logo you can see on the door is a little flamingo with a banner ‘Dake’s Shoppe.’ The business card I’ve kept & treasured is made from the most luxurious, soft, thick paper with letterpress and gold ink on it.  The business card alone has been a source of inspiration for many new projects. It's funny when you stumble onto a place makes such a big impression on you. Dake’s did this for me.  


Why not buy a cold drink from this joint?  Why not get your hair braided, do your laundry and grab a snack in the same location, WHICH I might add is named “Lillian’s Touch”.


This is the Harbour Island post office.  All I can say is our friend went in and several hours later, we found her down the street. Everyone here will talk to you, share what they know and if you have half a curious brain, you will walk away with more than just facts.


The photo does it no justice, but it’s that perfect shade of lilac that has a glow to it.


From my perspective, the beauty of this place is in the history, the people, the crumbling/imperfect nature of its buildings, and of the course the location. But what I saw as beauty, like this wall— half eaten by time— my mother would be like “oh Katie” ( eye roll eye roll ) “Where’s the Hilton and Starbucks?”  To that I say: love you mom, but some people just don't get it.


My favorite green oval with its little hand knocker.  Behind the door is literally just overgrowth… a real Secret Garden.  Come to think of it, Harbour Island is a Secret Garden: a constant exploration of what’s around the corner to which you discover a tumbling-down fullness of beauty you never knew existed.


Largely influenced by her background in textile design, artist Kate Roebuck finds inspiration in form, pattern, color, and texture. Drawing from nature and everyday life, Kate’s work is both bold and quirky, an interpretation undoubtedly all her own. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kate has lived in the south for nearly a decade eventually landing and putting down roots in Chattanooga, Tennessee.